Guidelines & Policies

Hexagon is committed to ensuring that its personnel act with the highest standards of ethics and in compliance with all regulatory and legal requirements in the countries where Hexagon operates. Management ensures that all Hexagon personnel are well-informed regarding this commitment and are provided the necessary resources to comply with Hexagon’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”). The Code extends beyond legal compliance to matters of social and corporate responsibility relevant to the types of businesses and geographies in which Hexagon operates.

The Code is embraced internally as a core guideline for the Hexagon way of doing business. As such, Hexagon continuously improves the Code to reflect evolving industry standards and legislation. Hexagon trains employees regarding its expectations and employs an in-house team of legal and compliance professionals, as well as external experts in multiple jurisdictions and disciplines, to ensure that Hexagon remains at the forefront of these important topics.

Areas of corporate social responsibility addressed in the Code include Hexagon’s commitment to ethical labour practices, human rights, environmental responsibility and support of social projects. The Code also describes Hexagon’s goal to give preference to suppliers that follow these principles. Hexagon maintains a comprehensive compliance programme governed by extensive policy documents in addition to, and envisioned by, the Code. The programme addresses areas of particular importance to Hexagon’s operations including anti-corruption, export controls, government procurement, customs and competition matters. Hexagon also administers many functionally and/or regionally specific compliance regimes such as compliance with the EU Directive on Energy Efficiency and relevant global privacy regulations. Further, personnel are encouraged to report any suspected non-compliance through a formal whistleblowing process that ensures good-faith reports will not be subject to retaliation. The Board actively monitors Hexagon’s compliance activity and is provided annual certifications of compliance from executive management, as well as an annual report from the Global Compliance Officer.

Downloadable Files
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