Nomination Committee

Hexagon’s Annual General Meeting resolves on procedures for the appointment and work of the Nomination Committee.

The AGM has resolved that the Nomination Committee’s assignment shall comprise the preparation and presentation of proposals to the shareholders at the AGM on the election of Board members, Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Meeting and the company’s auditors. In addition, the Nomination Committee presents proposals regarding remuneration to the Board of Directors (including for committee work) and the auditors.

The Nomination Committee shall consist of representatives for major shareholders of the company elected by the AGM. In case a shareholder, who a member of the Nomination Committee represents, is no longer one of the major shareholders of Hexagon, or if a member of the Nomination Committee is no longer employed by such shareholder, or for any other reason leaves the Committee before the next AGM, the Committee is entitled to appoint another representative among the major shareholders to replace such member. No fees are paid to the members of the Nomination Committee.

At the AGM 2016 Mikael Ekdahl (Melker Schörling AB), Jan Andersson (Swedbank Robur fonder), Anders Oscarsson (AMF Fonder) were re-elected and Ossian Ekdahl (Första AP Fonden) new elected as members of the Nomination Committee in respect of the AGM 2017. Mikael Ekdahl was appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee can do so by using Hexagon AB, Attn: The Nomination Committee, P.O. Box 3692, SE-103 59 Stockholm, Sweden or by e-mail to The Nomination Committee’s proposals are published at the latest in conjunction with the formal notification of the AGM 2017.