Share Information

Hexagon’s share is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

Share Overview

Hexagon’s series B share has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, previously the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, since 1988. It is traded on Nasdaq Stockholm’s Large Cap list.

Symbols and codes
Nasdaq Stockholm HEXA B
ISIN code SE0000103699
Reuters Ticker HEXAb.ST
Bloomberg Ticker HEXAB SS

Share Capital

Hexagon’s share capital amounts to 79,980,283 EUR, represented by 360,443,142 shares, of which 15,750,000 are of series A with 10 votes each and 344,693,142 are of series B with one vote each. All shares confer equal rights to participate in the company's assets and earnings. Each share has a quota value of 0,22 EUR.